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Achoo the Bee
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Have you ever seen a bee up close? Did it have crazy, curly hair, glasses, and a clothes pin on its nose?


Meet Achoo! She’s a spunky little honeybee who can’t stop sneezing every time she gets near a flower. This makes her friends very unhappy because she blows away all the pollen that they've collected from the fields during the day.


One early morning, before the other bees are awake, Achoo races to the meadow to practice not sneezing around the flowers. She’s suddenly startled by a loud, buzzing noise and realizes that Clarence, a mean old hornet, is heading toward the hive to destroy it and everyone inside!


With a little encouragement from a shy honeybee named Bit, Achoo uses the one thing that makes her different to try to save the hive from Clarence.


But can she do it? Can she save the Queen and her family?


Achoo The Bee will inspire children to learn to love the things that make them different from others. They will be motivated to turn their individuality into their own superpower and happily exclaim, “I just want to be me!”

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 If you want an autographed copy of  

"I just want to be ME", Says Achoo The Bee", please purchase the book from this website.

Bulk Orders: If you are purchasing copies in bulk, or need wholesale pricing, please email


May 26, 2022, was officially proclaimed as "Achoo The Bee Day" in the state of Louisiana? Read about HR192 here!

Author, Deana Meaux, would like to extend a special "thank you" to Senator Barrow, and
State Representative, Carpenter for the personal privileged extended.


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Author Deana Meaux with Louisiana State Senator Barrow

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